Weekly Special

Here at When Pigs Fly BBQ we have become famous........Like Michael Jordan famous........for our weekly specials. A new special runs every week (Tuesday through Saturday) and changes every week.  These are items that are going to be BBQ, but just a little different. These are items that we bring specialty  ingredients  in for and are always awesome! This is where we get to play and be creative and give you something you wont find anywhere else.......unless they copy us!

Burnt Ends


Available this week only!

Marbled Brisket smoked to perfection and slathered with BBQ Sauce then baked until it's a little bit sweet and a little bit crispy! Get a Dinner (1/2 lb. & 2 Sides) for $16.99 or buy a Pound for $24.99

Available until Saturday 5/21 ONLY!!