As It Turns Out, Pigs Can Fly!

     Owners Brian and Kendra Choy met in 2006 while working together at Old Chicago. After getting Married in 2008, while still in the service industry, they grew tired of working for other people and decided to open their own restaurant. They have a combined 20 years experience and have worked in every style of restaurant across the board from Mexican, to Italian, to Steakhouses, and even other BBQ restaurants. From busing tables, to cook, to bar tending and Managing, they have done it all!

     When the opportunity arose in 2009 to open a restaurant of their own, BBQ was where their hearts were at. They quit their jobs "Working For The Man" and began the journey down the When Pigs Fly road. Were there doubters, sure, but they didn't let that keep them down. One person even said that they wouldn't make it past their first year unless "Pigs Fly" the name took root.....and in October of 2010 The doors swung open and have been opening every day since!