No Limits Catering

Catering was looking for a job. We asked, "do you have limits?" Catering said "no". "you're hired".

Here at When Pigs Fly BBQ, we take food seriously. SO if there is something you want to eat and you don't see it on our menu, please let us know. We respond to hand drawn pictures on napkins, charades (only if you're good - don't be a the weak-link team member), macaroni art and words formed to make sentences. Whether it’s lasagna, burgers, or steak, you name it, we’ll cook it! Made with the same great taste!

Options: (Minimum 12 people)

      Sizes          (Prices are per person)                                   1/3 lb.           1/2 lb.          3/4 lb.

Brisket, Turkey, & Pulled Pork                               $9.25            $10.25          $14.25

Pulled Pork, Turkey, & Hot Links                           $9.25            $10.25          $14.25

Brisket, Turkey, & Hot Links                                   $9.75            $10.75         $14.75

Brisket, Pulled Pork, & Hot Links                          $9.75             $10.75         $14.75


*All catering packages include 2 side dishes, plates, silverware, bread & BBQ sauce. 

Side Dishes

Baked Beans, Potato Salad, Coleslaw, Macaroni Salad, Kernel Corn, & Green Beans


Add Ribs (per person): 1 for $2.00, 2 Ribs for $3.00

Add another side dish for $0.50 per person


Cookies: $1.00 per person

Cookies & Brownies: $2.00 per person

Fresh Homemade Cobbler (Fresh Peach & Triple Berry) $2.50 per person.

*Please allow 48 hours notice


Cold Drinks $1.00 per person

Iced Tea, Lemonade, or Fruit Punch

* Prices subject to change